Growth Opportunities

Multi-cloud Adoption Drives Digital Transformation and Opens New Growth Hubs

Multi-cloud is redefining the cloud adoption strategy for enterprises by making them more agile and accelerating the digital transformation process. This research highlights the technologies of multi-cloud architecture, drivers and challenges, key verticals, growth hubs and much more.

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Growth Opportunities for Robotics in the Construction Industry

Autonomous and robotic technology is witnessing major growth and plays a vital role in the transformation of many key industries. This research examines the different types of robotic solutions available today and the new growth opportunities emerging in this space.

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Nanotechnology Accelerates Growth Prospects for Targeted Drug Delivery

This exclusive analysis provides an understanding of various types of emerging drug delivery materials, with specific focus on nanomaterials such as quantum dots (QDs), CNTs, nanostructured lipids, hydrogels, liposomes and dendrimers. Also discussed are the emerging opportunities.

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CxO Insights

Digital Transformation will Enable Growth Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry

Brian Cotton, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President and Partner

The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a gut punch to the hospitality industry. When it hit, it hit hard and rapidly, slowing or stopping hotel and restaurant chain growth plans in their tracks. Our research suggests that hotels went from occupancy rates in the high-80% range down to single digits, while at least 40% of restaurants have closed their doors or have permanently shut down. Hospitality business executives we speak with are focused on recovering business to levels that are at least half of pre-pandemic levels—but growth remains part of their longer-term plans.

The new dynamic between hotels and restaurants and their customers is shaping rebound and regrowth strategies. That dynamic is about giving people the confidence that when they stay with or dine in an establishment, they will be able to enjoy their experience without fear of contamination. People are yearning to travel and dine out, so the demand for hospitality services is building. Still, businesses will have to adapt their processes, procedures and circumstances to engender customer confidence to serve that demand.

A central business challenge is that in the COVID-sparked recession, most businesses are deferring capital spend on equipment, hiring and new technology. Any investment is directed at getting travelers and diners back in establishments. Revenue generation, competitive advantage and cost savings are critical to survival. Yet, growth in the hospitality industry is still out there, and we believe that the path back to growth is through digital transformation.

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Technology Opportunity Engines

Advanced Manufacturing

New Growth Avenues and Prospects Redefining Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

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Oil & Gas

Innovative Growth Prospects and Strategies Transforming Oil & Gas Technologies

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IT & Computing

Emerging Growth Prospects for IT, Computing and Communications Technologies

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Advanced Technologies in Microelectronics Showcase Immense Growth Potential

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Life Science, Health & Wellness

Growth Prospects for Life Science, Health & Wellness Technologies

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Coating & Surface Technologies

Growth of Advanced Coating & Surface Technologies

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Latest Advances Powering the Future of Sensor Technologies

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Innovations Influencing the Growth of Cybersecurity Technologies

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Upcoming Research

A biosensor is a sensor that uses a biological response material (such as an enzyme) to interact with an analyte and converts a biological response into an electrical signal. Innovations in material technology make the biosensor highly sensitive and highly selective. Usage of lightweight materials such as graphene, carbon nanotube and polymers benefits biosensors’ reliability. Healthcare, consumer electronics, automotive and agriculture are likely to have a high impact by leveraging advanced materials in biosensors.
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Biodegradable nanocapsules, such as plant-based carbohydrates, lipids and protein nanocarriers, have already been investigated to offer biocompatibility and controlled release into consumer segments such as drug delivery, functional foods and organic cosmetics. Also, companies and research institutions are currently envisaging the multiple benefits of the technology pertaining to the stability of nanocapsules in industrial segments such as energy, automotive and construction.
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Press Releases

Personal Care Manufacturers Adopt Artificial Intelligence to Gain Product Differentiation in Natural Fragrances

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Growth Opportunities for Natural Fragrances in Personal Care, finds that the rise in interest for vegan perfumes, animal testing-free fragrances, and organically certified personal and beauty care products is significantly driving the growth of this industry. In addition, the fragrance technology segment has been characterized by significant innovations in natural fragrance and renewable ingredient development over the past three years.

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Frost & Sullivan Presents Top Sensor Technologies Impacting the Future of Smart Cities

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Opportunities of Emerging Sensor Technologies Impacting the Future of Smart Cities, reports that digitization and advancements in Internet of Things (IoT) are driving the large-scale adoption of sensor technologies across cities. Combined with key enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and high-speed internet networks, integrated sensor networks in cities are driving the creation of a connected city ecosystem to enable the optimal use of public resources.

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Technical Ceramics to Drive Innovative Ecosystem in Electronics and Energy, Says Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Growth Opportunities for Technical Ceramics, projects the growing demand for a wide variety of goods made of technical ceramics due to rising environmental concerns and stringent regulations by governments, especially in the European region, which further propel innovation and research and development (R&D) efforts in the industry.

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