Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunity Outlook of the Indian Healthcare Space

Examine the key trends and business implications that executives in the pharma, biotech, payer, and provider industries need to consider to remain ahead of the curve in 2020. Also, explore the factors driving change and the future of this sector.

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Novel Growth Avenues for the Adhesion Prevention Products Sector in the US and EU5

This industry is witnessing steady growth due to its increasing usage in gynecology and other surgical specialties in both, the United States and Europe. Analyze the top predictions, major companies, growth prospects, etc., that will transform this sector.

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Evolving Opportunities in the Malaysian Select Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Landscape

The growth of this landscape is driven by the private sector, with significant expansion across new geographies in Malaysia. This research focuses on the currents trends, revenue forecasts, factors driving demand for advanced services, etc.

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CxO Insights



A Conversation with Mark Simoncelli

With many major publications projecting that much of the S&P 500 will be replaced over the next 10 years, there is a clear call to action for organizations today. Disrupt yourself before someone else does. But how?

Common Growth Obstacles

Organizational performance is hamstrung by a combination of factors, but across industries, the following growth obstacles persist:

Limited Insight:

Failing to conduct in-depth research into new opportunities is a potentially devastating strategic mistake. Too many organizations set a strategic course for growth based on opinions instead of data. Without a deep understanding of both market and customer dynamics, poor decision-making, inferior execution, and reduced market share are likely to follow. Simoncelli points to the mistakes made by some major US retailers – that entered European and UK markets without fully assessing those opportunities. According to Simoncelli, “An idea may look or feel right, but if you haven’t properly evaluated the requirements, the complexities, the competition, or what local customers really want, the business will struggle.”

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Top Growth Insights

EU4 Tele-consultation

Key Focus Areas and Top Growth Opportunities in the EU4 Telehealth Consultation Industry

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Cloud Computing

Innovative Advancements Redefining the Global Healthcare Cloud Computing Sector

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Evolving Technologies Drive Growth Opportunities in the Global Femtech Space

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Cardiac Monitoring

Major Developments and Growth Prospects in the Global Cardiac Monitoring Industry

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Upcoming Research

The Frost Radar analyzes emerging trends in the medical device landscape of atrial fibrillation (AFib) and profiles key players in this space delivering innovative solutions and maintaining market leadership across segments like screening and monitoring, image-guided navigation and cardiac mapping for diagnosis and treatment, and cardiac ablation.
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What is the current and future adoption rate for oncology information systems across various regions? How is the sector developing for OIS in terms of revenues, growth rates and segment shares? What are the growth opportunities for oncology informatics software providers?
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What are the major segments/clusters in the precision medicine ecosystem? What are the growth opportunities for these individual industry segments globally? Which are the geographic hotspots and key companies to watch in this space?
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Press Releases

Global Biometrics Market in Healthcare to Witness a Four-fold Growth, Predicts Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Biometrics in Healthcare Market, Forecast to 2024, predicts that the industry is likely to experience exponential growth over the next few years. By 2024, the market is estimated to witness a more than four-fold growth, reaching $2.72 billion, up from $670 million in 2019, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.3%.

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Telehealth to Experience Massive Growth with COVID-19 Pandemic, Says Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Telehealth—A Technology-Based Weapon in the War Against the Coronavirus, 2020, finds that the demand for telehealth technology is expected to rise dramatically as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the practice of medicine and the delivery of healthcare worldwide.

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Ten Digital Technologies Helping Humans in the Fight Against COVID-19

COVID-19 will have a far-reaching effect on business communities globally. This crisis is seen as an inflection point in the drive toward digitization across businesses globally. The connected, digital economy is helping enterprises, employees, and consumers remain engaged and do business, even as the virus continues to spread.

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