Growth Opportunities

New Drug Development for Rare Pediatric Disorders in the Global Orphan Drugs Industry

What is the size of the global orphan drugs industry, and which segments need to be pursued to attain the projected growth of various regions across the globe? What are the key regional barriers and R&D challenges in this segment? Get answers to these questions and more in this in-depth research.

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Telehealth: A Technology-based Weapon in the War Against COVID-19

With the entire healthcare system being under attack by the novel COVID-19 virus, telehealth provides a tangible resource that can evaluate patients remotely. Explore the influencing factors propelling telehealth services, the challenges, and stakeholders in this segment.

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Top Advancements Powering the Future of the KSA Healthcare Industry

What are the key projections for the KSA healthcare industry? What are the expected revenue figures and growth rates in each segment? What are key technologies and growth opportunities to look for in the future? Find answers to these questions, and more in this extensive research.

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CxO Insights

Digital Transformation will Enable Growth Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry

Brian Cotton, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President and Partner

The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a gut punch to the hospitality industry. When it hit, it hit hard and rapidly, slowing or stopping hotel and restaurant chain growth plans in their tracks. Our research suggests that hotels went from occupancy rates in the high-80% range down to single digits, while at least 40% of restaurants have closed their doors or have permanently shut down. Hospitality business executives we speak with are focused on recovering business to levels that are at least half of pre-pandemic levels—but growth remains part of their longer-term plans.

The new dynamic between hotels and restaurants and their customers is shaping rebound and regrowth strategies. That dynamic is about giving people the confidence that when they stay with or dine in an establishment, they will be able to enjoy their experience without fear of contamination. People are yearning to travel and dine out, so the demand for hospitality services is building. Still, businesses will have to adapt their processes, procedures and circumstances to engender customer confidence to serve that demand.

A central business challenge is that in the COVID-sparked recession, most businesses are deferring capital spend on equipment, hiring and new technology. Any investment is directed at getting travelers and diners back in establishments. Revenue generation, competitive advantage and cost savings are critical to survival. Yet, growth in the hospitality industry is still out there, and we believe that the path back to growth is through digital transformation.

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Frost Radars & Top Growth Insights

Patient Monitoring

Frost Radar—Global Critical Care Patient Monitoring Market, 2020

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Healthcare IT

Frost Radar—Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare IT, Global, 2020

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Drug Discovery

Frost Radar—AI for Drug Discovery in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2020

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Healthcare Interoperability

Growth Avenues Redefining the Global Healthcare Interoperability Sector

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COVID-19 Implications

COVID-19—Implications for the Healthcare Industry

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Diagnostic Imaging

Malaysian Select Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Landscape

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Diabetes Devices

Extreme Growth in the Thai Diabetes Devices Sector

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Growth Opportunities in the Global Femtech Space

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Upcoming Research

What is the current and future adoption rate for oncology information systems across various regions? How is the sector developing for OIS in terms of revenues, growth rates and segment shares? What are the growth opportunities for oncology informatics software providers?
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This exclusive research provides critical insights into the global biosimilar industry, highlighting the key growth opportunities, revenue forecast and innovations that will influence the industry with the third wave of biosimilars. It identifies the largest revenue-generating therapeutic areas and drug types, and the year with the highest industry revenue potential for biosimilar companies based on biologics patent expiry.
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Press Releases

Multimillion-Dollar AI and Analytics in Surgery Market to Boost Efficiency in the Operating Room

Frost & Sullivan’s recent study, Growth Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics in Surgery, 2020, finds that the permeation of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics in operating rooms (ORs) will help hospitals achieve high potential. Their deployment addresses inefficiencies and challenges that conventional ORs are facing, such as optimal block utilizations, accurate case-by-case costing, and myriad clinical challenges for physicians performing surgery.

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Frost & Sullivan Names Top Innovators in Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Frost & Sullivan’s Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery in the Pharmaceutical Industry Radar has identified that organizations’ need to minimize research and development (R&D) costs for drug discovery is pushing the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) in the pharmaceutical sector. Further, this can significantly reduce the drug discovery timeline, improve productivity, and help companies address challenges related to R&D outcomes and a shrinking new molecule entity (NME) pipeline.

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Frost & Sullivan Analyzes the Future of Adhesion Prevention Products in the US and EU5

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Growth Opportunities for Adhesion Prevention Products Market in US and EU5, Forecast to 2024, predicts that the adhesion prevention products (APP) market is experiencing steady growth due to increasing usage in gynecology and other surgical specialties in the United States and EU5 countries (the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy).

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