A Day in the Sentient World of 2030
  • Have you ever wondered what the future might look like in 2030? Have you thought about how new technologies will change the world and how we will work and play within it? Are you curious about how new business models will reshape customer experiences? How data could be used, not only as currency but also as a future consumer empowerment tool?

    Richard Sear, Frost & Sullivan Partner & Senior Vice President of Visionary Innovation & Smart Cities, has released a complimentary guide, A Day in the Sentient World of 2030, to shed light on the opportunities created by emerging technologies and their potential impacts on everyday life in the future.

    Through a use-case scenario, discover what a typical day will be like in 2030, and gain insight from these expert analyses and opportunity-focused predictions.

    • Waking up in a new world
    • Leveraging brain-computing interface devices
    • Benefiting from home control centers for health and wellness
    • Insights into future supply chains and customer expectations
    • The impacts of robotics on everyday living
    • How mega companies could leverage data as a currency and security implications

    Horizon scanning for future markets, consumers and societies.

    Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Innovation service provides actionable and value-focused insights on how transformative developments will impact future markets and the world we will live in. A thought-leader in global future trends, the Visionary Innovation service has built its expertise in understanding early warning signals, providing global companies insurance in the form of contingency planning for the future.

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