5 Ways Digital Transformation is Creating Growth Opportunities in the Chemicals Industry
  • The chemicals industry is undergoing a paradigm shift with digitization forcing many companies to rethink how they do business. From the emergence of chief digital officers, to digital products, services, and factories of the future, digitization is poised to transform the chemical industry in new and exciting ways.

    To help you navigate this evolving sector, we’re releasing a complimentary market insight: 5 Ways Digital Transformation is Creating Growth Opportunities in the Chemicals Industry.

    Key highlights:

    • The rise of a chief digital officer
      The number of large chemical companieswith a chief digital officer has doubled in just a year
    • The concept of digital product
      Data monetization is both an opportunityand a major step into the unknown
    • Factory of the future and new ways of manufacturing
      The chemical plant of the future will be connected, modular and sustainable
    • Finding your niche in a new paradigm
      There are many opportunities; these are different for everyone, so companies will find their own niche
    • Why collaboration will stimulate product innovation
      Digital transformation will enable companies towork together to tackle some of the biggest issues facing us today

    For chemical companies to make the best use of digital technologies, they must be aware of their effect on industry domains and also their interconnectedness. Despite the pace of development, Frost & Sullivan believes that more than 60% of top chemical companies do not have strong corporate messaging about digital transformation as a strategic Mega Trend.

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