Can Bots and Virtual Assistants Help Boost Your Brand?

Bots and Virtual Assistants (VAs) are emerging technologies that many leading organization are striving to implement. As the experts know, it’s not just about the implementation of Bot and VA technologies; it’s about leveraging them in intelligent ways to better serve customers, to enhance the customer experience and to improve the bottom line.

 In this Executive Summary, you will learn about:
How Bots and VAs impact the customer experience and your brand
Which customers are on the front line of using Bot and VA technologies
The challenges of automation
Integrating Bots and VAs into the customer experience
How to measure Bot and VA effectiveness

The good news is that, while poor customer experiences
can be revenue-crushing, delivering positive customer experiences can be the #1 way to differentiate a brand.
- Jeff Cotrupe
Industry Director, Big Data and Analytics

Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan

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