Process Discovery that ‘Automates the Automation’

Kryon is redefining how enterprises do business in the digital age through what it terms Continuous Process Optimization. As such, Kryon’s solution identifies, documents and prioritizes workflows, resulting in easier, more accurate and more efficient RPA development and deployment processes. The Kryon Process Discovery solution is unique and holistic in that it designed to streamline planning and the implementation of automated work processes. Meanwhile, adopters of Process Discovery have reported improvements in the effectiveness of virtual workforce teams and the customer experience (CX) as well as significant cost savings.

Download the white paper and learn how Kryon’s Process Discovery solution:

  • Examines real users as they work to understand how they perform business processes on their business applications
  • Charts all variations of a process at action level
  • Utilizes a dedicated dashboard that illustrates the best processes to automate, taking into account process frequency, repetitiveness, and users’ time and volumes, as well as any other significant criteria for effective RPA decision-making
  • Displays a map of all users’ actions per discovered process
  • Automatically builds a detailed workflow in the Kryon Studio
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