Smaller By Design: Belize As A Premier Outsourcing Destination

Companies with extensive billing, care, and service or sales agents understand the vital role the contact center plays in their business. Through it, organizations are able to expand, build customer loyalty and protect the brand. Choosing the right outsourcing partner can translate to cost reduction, reduced turnover and higher returns. While there are many options available to meet outsourcing needs, no location does so as effectively as Belize.

Download our latest Brief and discover why Belize is the outsourcing hub of choice, including:

  • Dual language native speakers (English and Spanish)
  • Time zone advantages due to proximity to United States
  • Short travel distance from most major U.S. airline routes
  • Affinity with U.S. culture and ability to sell to American consumers
  • Foreign government incentives to attract and retain outsourcing companies
  • Two main fiber optic hubs — ARCOS and TELMEX — and a third under construction with high-redundancy rates nationally
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