Best Practices for Managing Patient Monitoring Networks Across the IT and Biomedical Departments

Medical device networks are larger, more complicated, and more mission-critical than they have ever been. Additionally, most hospitals developed their maintenance protocols before the debut of networked patient monitors. This often causes major gaps between a faculty's biomedical and IT departments, each expecting the other to assume support for the network. The problem can be especially serious when these networks fail and staff must determine what network elements need attention. Providers must closely evaluate whether they have the systems and staff in place to support patient care if monitoring data is no longer accessible outside of patient rooms in the event of a network failure.

Download the article and discover:

  • Strategies providers can consider to optimize patient monitoring network uptime
  • How to avoid unnecessary network failures and related costs
  • Common causes of network failures
  • How to foster communication and partnership between departments
  • Best practices for adopting a proactive stance toward medical device network management

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